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PRO_Optics (science entry)

Hi all. Often come questions about optics — people ask where we buy it.
We do not buy, we make.
Directly casting we do is a cheap process which can, of course, to realize in the garage, but you get about such a result (left in the photo optics from alternative product made "private production", to the right is ours):

Therefore, our optics are produced at industrial thermoplastics by specialized companies.

The problem with any optics is that any material delays the light. The transmission of our lens is now approximately 90%. Light transmission optics alternative product in the photo — around 84%.
It is not fatal, but the extra "free" lumens. For example, it is possible to reduce current to reduce heat and extend the life of with the same light output. Well, aesthetics.

Now our optics (in the photo above she is on the right) is cast in silicone forms industrial "thermoplastics".
Pros — relatively quickly, decent quality and do not need expensive mold.
Cons — not perfect (by our standards), though surpassing the competitors, the quality, the lifetime of the shape — one/two print runs, so the production is quite expensive.
There is always something to strive for, so we recently updated the form-factor optics and decided to do "grown-up".
This was developed for the permanent mold for thermoplastics, which will soon pass "run-in" and give us another 5-6% "free" lumen by increasing quality, increase physical precision manufacturing, will dramatically reduce the rate of production preparation and will be online in almost a million "connectors".

Well, actually, a photo of the "designer boys" :)

This part of the form, which will form the "flanks." The "cross" in the middle is the technical bridge and it is the same channel.
The real mold is compressed on machines with a force of a few tons, and under the same pressure there, "injected" melted plastic. Therefore, the fitting surfaces must be perfect, and it runs on high-precision robotic machines.

"Plate" with the top of the lens:

"Plate" with the bottom part:

Well, then the rest of the photos, I think comments are not needed.