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HPL Supernova @ the Toyota Camry XV50 (restayl)

Hey all, long vacation is almost over, so feeling lazy, I'll lay out the accumulated material.

The machine already has a staff led DRL, which is now supplemented by HPL Supernova, which is installed instead of the regular ammo the turn signals.
In principle, it is possible to even implicitly compare the brightness with the factory DRL.


So start installing smart people with straight arms. It is a pity that there are not very many…

Installation took about 1.5 hours

Total result.
Regular DRL as Supernova, the "bandaged" and now are controlled from the controller HPL Lighter iS32.
Will finalize the connection of the gates when in this mode, "strobili" will first Supernova 2, and then 2 regular DRL. Should be good.

Link to the original article here: www.drive2.ru/l/10559856/