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BackfireW21W, P21W PnP LED backup lights 2800lm (pair)

Backfire W21W, P21W PnP LED backup lights 2800lm (pair)

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LED Backup lights system for W21W or P21W (adapters required) application with 2800+ lm output (per pair).

Automatic power control depending on environment to prevent overheating.

Minimal driver size.

Working temperature of 70℃ (158℉) is far below 125℃ (257℉) for regular incancendent bulb which eliminates risk of plastic thermal damage.

Light color: 5000К (pure white).

Drain power per one module: 12.2 W.

Light output per one module: 1400 lm.

Uptime: not limited.


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Front optics
Audi A4 2010
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