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Micron F31 (led light bulb C5W Festoon 31mm)


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LED module for C5W car lights. Fits C5W sockets including running lights, plate lights, interior lights etc.

Next-generation LED-chip is intensive output compared to regular lightbulb (170 lumen vs 87 lumen).

1.2W power compared with 5W for regular lightbulbs results into safer working temperature of 80°C (180°F) compared to 125°C (260°F) of a regular lightbulb.

Available in 3200К, 4000K, 5000К.

LED count: 3 (single sided PCB)

Power drain 1.2W

Lumenance 170lm

LED working temperature: 80C

Lifetime 13 years


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Micron F31 (led light bulb C5W Festoon 31mm)
Front optics
Audi A4 2010
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