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Micron T10 (W5W T10 LED light bulb)(3000K, 4000К, 5000К, yellow, red)

Micron T10 (W5W T10 LED light bulb) (3000K, 4000К, 5000К, yellow, red)





Highest light output of 209 lm W5W T10 LED bulb. Fits all W5W T10 sockets.

Next-gen Lumileds LED chips allow output as high as 209 lumen at 1.3W power draw (measured at light sphere).

It also has more safe working temperature of 80-90°C (180-195°F) compared to 125°C (260°F) of regular incandescent bulb.

Available in white (3000K, 4000К, 5000К), red and yellow.

Side mounted LED chips allow improved performance for most reflector types.

Identical physical dimensions compared to stock incandescent bulb;

1.3W power draw;

209 lm light output (5000K);

Working temperature: 80-90 celsius;

Lifetime: ~13 years;

No builtin canbus canceler.

36 months
Other compatible products
  • 550 / piece

    High-intensity low-heat LED module for C5W socket

    Superior replacement option for C5W light bulb replacent including running light, parking light, plate light, interior light


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Micron T10 (W5W T10 LED light bulb)
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