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Crossfire MAXDRL switchbacks (8.8 Watts) for W21W/P21W sockets

Crossfire MAX DRL switchbacks (8.8 Watts) for W21W/P21W sockets

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Advanced hi-power (+30% light output compared to Crossfire) LED system, which replaces regular turn signal socket assembly (W21W/PY21W) with no housing-modding and performs several functions: running and parking lights, turn signals, high-beam flasher signals. These universal modules are one of the most popular. With their reliability and functionality, they are cheaper than competitors on average by 10-40 percent, and exceed them in quality at the same time.

With HPL Lighter is32 (not included), automatic on / off and "welcome light" and "follow me home" modes are available.

Correctly works without load resistors for turn signals on most machines.

The service life is 13 years.

Luminous flux / power @ 13.6 V (for one module):

Day running lights: 900 lm / 8.8 W;

Park light: 120 lm / 1 W, user-adjusted from OFF to DRL brightness;

Hibeam flasher: 1400 lm / 12.2 W (automatically drops to DRL brightness after 2 seconds to prevent overheating;

Turn light (amber): 470 lm / 11.5 W;

36 months worldwide warranty.

The manufacturer (the seller) is not responsible for the shortcomings of the equipment caused by:

  - deliberate or careless actions of the Customer or third parties in the maintenance or operation of equipment;

  - ANY modification of HPL equipment or modification of its design by the Client;

  - violation of the installation rules described in the installation instructions.

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