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Kia Ceed JD (II gen) DRL LED DriverPnP stock DRL LED driver replacement

Kia Ceed JD (II gen) DRL LED Driver PnP stock DRL LED driver replacement

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Improved replacement for faulty stock KIA Ceed JD (II gen, 2012+ m.y.) LED driver.

Fixes DRL failure: dimmed, non-working or flickering DRL lights.

You can replace full headlight but the problem will remain since it will have the same DRL LED driver with the same problem;

Identical physical mounting parameters (size, holes, etc.);

Consumes less current while maintaining stock parameters;

Does NOT heat up as stock (no overheating) thus has improved reliability and lifetime;

Has circuit protection elements unlike other home-brewed handmade boards;

Custom designed factory PCB;

Plug n Play - has the same sockets;

No errors;

Worldwide warranty;

Contains step-down DC/DC converter designed to drive LEDs with a constant current..

Produces no heat.

Contains protection circuits.

Stock socket - just plug and play.

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Kia Ceed JD (II gen) DRL LED Driver
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Audi A4 2010
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