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Fully automatic controller. Just connect it directly to a battery, set up once and you will have fully automatic DRL control device.

The controller automatically turns DRL power on and off according to the voltage change on the battery (voltage level is used-adjusted). It has a setting for vehicles equipped with a battery charge controller, which disconnects the battery charge on the fly. Size of the device: 30x15x10mm. One controller can power up to 4 sets of different modules. Functions: - Switch-on delay ~2 seconds; - Adjustable turn-off delay (follow me home): 10/20/30/40 seconds. Standard 30; - "welcome light" and "follow me home" functions activated from a turn signal or alarm pulse signal; - Voltage trigger level can be set by user (device can read out voltage level by command). This option is sutable for machines with "non-standart" voltage parameters, when similar controllers of other manufacturers will not work correctly; - Ability to adjust strobe-mode: the controller can enter stroboscope mode or power off DRL on demand; - Customizable modes of the strobe mode: one by one flashing or both sides at the same time;

- 2 independent output channels with maximum load of up to 2.5A each (total load - up to 70 watts);

- 2 digital signal inputs + 12V;

- Reverse polarity protection;

- Fully sealed packaging;

- Consumption of the device in standby mode is ~3mA (for comparison - the LED alarm consumes ~ 20mA).


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